The group.

The Silverbullet Data Services Group has been carefully curated by industry leaders, to both buy and build data-smart marketing services. Our businesses all adhere to the group mission; to empower businesses to achieve the new hybrid of data services, insight-informed content and programmatic.

Discover the group portfolio below:

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Built by the group.

Founded in 2016 by the group, Silverbullet  is a consultancy and activation service designed to support clients design, build and activate a well-oiled data strategy.

Built by the group.

Built in 2020 by the group, 4D is the next generation contextual intelligence platform, evolving proven methodologies to drive in-the-moment marketing and brand suitability for digital media buying.


Acquired by the group.

Acquired in 2019, Platfomr360 are pioneers of native advertising. Born from a passion for native, Platform 360 realised that content was one of the strongest channels available for reaching and engaging audiences.


Built by the group.

Acquired by the group in 2020, BeetleDesk - originally founded by Videobeet - is an independent trade desk designed to boost performance and unlock the value of data.


“Our requirements were quite unique, in that we didn’t need a DMP to help us collect, identify and store data from our viewers as we’d already gone through that process when we moved to mandatory registration in 2015. We recruited Silverbullet’s expertise to help take our data approach to the next level. Our objective was to create a more sophisticated suite of products for our customers and improve our marketing capabilities both on and off platform. Silverbullet was able to expertly guide and design our new data product suite, which now enables advertisers to bring and match their own data with ours; build bespoke segments using Channel 4’s first party data, as well as tap into approved data sources. Our marketing team is now able to quickly create segments that we are then able to target across our owned platforms as well as across social platforms. Silverbullet’s knowledge and expertise gave us absolute confidence in selecting the right data matching partner and advance data management platform.”