Research + Insights.

WTF White-paper.

A world without (third-party) cookies.

Discover what a world without (third-party) cookies will look like, and how to deliver a first-party data strategy, with personalisation at scale. Silverbullet joins forces with Digiday.



Contextual targeting

Back to the future of marketing

This guide will help you discover how to leverage data, machine learning and AI, to access more granular audience segments and market ‘in the moment’ with highly intelligent, contextual targeting. 



Content Owner Playbook.

What's the value of my customer data?

Discovering the questions asked by so many media owners; what truly is the value of my data? How can I best monetise it to realise my full potential? How can I safeguard against the looming data threats?

CMO Research.

Whose data is it anyway?

In light of recent headlines, we’ve reached a point where consumers and organisations are concerned about data. Our recent survey talks to both CMOs and the consumer about the on-going data battle.

Finance playbook.

Banks vs FinTech

One has the client base, and the other versatility. The question remains, is there room for both? Can the rise of data and technology help bring these two forces together? We delve into the depths of the financial sector, to determine who will win the Banks vs. FinTech battle.

CMO Research.

CMO's fight back

Exclusive new research reveals 76% of UK CMOs could have missed out on opportunities because data has not been managed effectively in-house. Inefficiencies in-house is costing organisations millions of pounds each year.

DataTech Report.

DMP + CDP: Friends or foe?

Our DataTech Report series tackles industry challenges that surround the data and technology marketplace. Our expert team help to unravel the misconceptions of misunderstood challenges we face daily. Our first report explores the battle between the DMP and the CDP.

Travel playbook.

Mind the gap

There's never a time of year where the travel sector dips. From winter getaways, to city breaks, and everything in-between. And with millions of people jetting across the world everyday, how can travel operators start to make sense of their data sets?

Football playbook.

Data's coming home

It's coming home, it's coming home, it's coming - data is coming home. Isn't it?

Take a look at our Football Playbook to uncover how businesses are supercharging their data in order to win.



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