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You will take Silverbullet clients on a complete, seamless implementation of DMPs, CDPs and other data technologies. This will include helping them bridge knowledge gaps, develop use cases, work with their data teams to understand their data structures, implement the platforms, conduct quality assurance/testing and provide staff training.


Typically, once data ingestion has gone live, the Data Consultant will begin to pass the account management to Silverbullet’s Strategic Services team and work with them on technical support, data management and monitoring, data analysis and reporting, data import-export.


The role requires a high level of technical competence, analytical skills but also excellent interpersonal skills.



  • Develop deep expertise in the technical workings of all major DMP/CDPs, analytics platforms, targeting tools and next best recommendation engines.

  • Become an expert in advertising and marketing technologies such as ad servers, RTB platforms, ad exchanges, cross-device tracking technologies, site optimization platforms, website analytics systems, dynamic creative optimizers, data modelers, marketing automation platforms and data visualization tools

  • Understand the standard workflows and metrics involved in digital marketing programs including how to traffic a media + data campaign, calculate cost (CPM, CPC, CPA), and measure performance (ROI, ROAS, CTR, CPA, AOV, RPV, Conversion Rate, etc.)

  • Architect and implement tracking tags on a client’s website and/or mobile properties to enable data ingestion

  • Scope and implement integrations with a client’s offline database or CRM system to make that data accessible online

  • Design and implement integrations, including server-to-server integrations, with third party media platforms to enable data transfer

  • Serve as a technical liaison and consultant for our client’s web developers and engineers

  • Create test environments using HTML and JavaScript for pre-production testing and validation

  • Conduct post-production QA with clients using web developer tools

  • Conduct training, deliver presentations, and lead meetings with clients and partners

  • Undertake training to learn additional platform technologies as they come to market.


  • Experience working with DMP or CDP Platforms, ad-technologies, marketing automation or analytics tools (though we have no fixed requirements).

  • Knowledge of JavaScript, HTML, and Internet technologies (e.g. ad servers, browsers, cookies, etc.)

  • Experience on data warehousing, data visualization, data analysis and cloud platforms (AWS, Azure, GCP) is a plus

  • AdTech, digital marketing, and/or analytics experience

  • Understanding of online marketing metrics (e.g. CPM, CPC, CPA, ROAS, RPV, AOV, etc.)

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills

  • Must be comfortable speaking in public and interacting with marketers, web developers, engineers, analysts, and ad agencies

  • Fluent in oral and written English


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